Join us for a swim in either our main or learner pools. We have a varied programme of sessions including adult only, family swimming and lane swimming sessions, as well as lessons and clubs.

Pool timetable

Admissions prices

Adult: £5.60

Over 60s: £4.10

Junior: £2.90

Under 5s: Free

Family: £16.00 (2 Adults and up to 4 Children)

Inflatable session: £8.00

Adult only sessions

Our adult only sessions are open to member and PAYG customers over the age of 16.

Lane swimming sessions

Our lane swimming sessions are open to member and PAYG customers of all ages. However, these sessions are designed for continuous lane swimming. You must be able to swim 50 metres. These sessions are not suitable for weak or non-swimmers. We may ask customers to leave the pool if the session is not suitable for their ability.

Family & child sessions

Our family sessions are relaxed and unstructured sessions designed to allow families to have fun in the water. Bring your own swimming aids e.g. floats and arm bands. No balls allowed.


Pre-swim hygiene & when not to swim

Having a good pre-swim hygiene routine is very important as it keeps the pool clean and safe to use for all our customers. It also means we have to add fewer chemicals to the water which makes the water fresher and more comfortable. Make sure you are doing your bit:

  • Always go to the toilet before swimming
  • Always shower before you enter the pool, this is why our showers are located next to the pool entrances!
  • Take regular bathroom breaks, don't pee in the pool!

When not to swim

Unfortunately, there are circumstances where you should avoid swimming, particularly if you are unwell. If you are in any doubt, please ring ahead and ask to speak to a supervisor or manager, we would be happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

Why are pools closed?

Sometimes people have 'accidents' in swimming pools. This can include babies with poorly fitting nappies, excitable children who cannot wait to get to the toilet and people who feel unwell. These 'accidents' can result in pool closures that can take anything from 1 hour to 27 hours, depending on the type of 'accident' and level of cleaning needed. There is a possibility that somebody who has been unwell, including upset stomachs or diarrhoea, could bring in a bug called cryptosporidium.

Our supervising and managing staff are trained to assess the situation and understand the level of cleaning needed for each situation.

You can help reduce closures!

The most important thing you can do to help us keep the water safe is:

  • Avoid swimming if you feel unwell, and especially if you have had sickness or diarrhoea in the last two days.
  • If your children are not fully potty trained, make sure that they are wearing well-fitting swim nappies (on sale at reception).
  • Encourage young swimmers to use the toilet before using the pool. Ensure they know to leave the pool to use the toilet before it's too late.
  • If you have problems with incontinence, make sure that you have suitable protection under your swimwear.
  • Use the showers before you enter the pool.
  • Use the toilets as you need to during your time with us. Wash your hands after you use the toilets or changing nappies.
  • If you start to feel unwell during your swim, stop and leave the water.
  • If you do have an 'accidents', please let our lifeguards know straight away, so it can be dealt with. Don't put other people at risk. We do understand that 'accidents' can happen.
  • Follow our hygiene rules, like not wearing outdoor shoes on poolside and checking your shoes before entering the changing rooms.
  • Even educating other members of the family on essential personal hygiene helps.

Swimming lessons & clubs

We are home to a number of quality swimming lesson providers, which means we are able to offer swimming lessons for all ages and abilities. Click here for more information.

Pool admissions

A responsible person aged at least 16 years old (or parent) must accompany all children under the age of 8 into the swimming pool area. There are also specific ratios of how many adults to children are required for each pool. View our Pool Admissions Policy for further details.

Pool code of conduct

Our rules enable all customers to have a good time - safely. Our team endeavour to balance the need for an enjoyable experience against any possible risk that may be posed. Although this is extensive, it is not complete and is subject to additions being made at any time.

View our Pool Code of Conduct for further details.


Customers are encouraged to inform lifeguards or leisure attendants of any medical conditions that may affect them whilst swimming or taking part in sport activities.

All gym members must complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) and disclose any pre-existing medical conditions such as epilepsy during their induction prior to using the Fitness Suite. A doctor's note may be requested.

For customers with controlled epilepsy who have not had a seizure for one year or hold a current driving licence there are no restrictions on swimming, taking part in sport or fitness suite activities.

For customers with uncontrolled epilepsy whose condition cannot be controlled by medication approval to take part in swimming, taking part in sport or fitness suite activities should be sought from their GP.

Swimming, taking part in sport or fitness suite activities should only take place when accompanied by a companion who has knowledge of their condition and who can recognise an attack.

Swimming, taking part in sport or fitness suite activities should not take place if a person with uncontrolled epilepsy feels unwell.

Swimming, taking part in sport or fitness suite activities in crowded conditions should also be avoided.

In no circumstances should people with uncontrolled epilepsy swim alone.

Changing rooms & accessibility

Our public pool changing rooms are gender neutral, village style changinng. They include private cubibles and lockers.

Baby changing: We have a number of baby changing facilities including cubicles with nappy bins, fold down changing tables and play pens to put the little ones safe and secure while you get ready. We also have a safety seat opposite the showers at the bottom end of the changing rooms to allow you to keep your little ones secure while you shower.

Toilets: Our pool changing rooms have male and female toilets, designed to be at a low level to help young children. We also have two gender neutral disability access showers/toilet wet rooms.

Accessibility: Providing Access for All is an essential part of what we do, and our mission as a centre, to offer leisure and fitness activities whatever your age, ability or experience. As well as two accessibile multipurpose changing and shower rooms with toilets, we have a changing table. You can read more information on accessibility here.