Providing Access for All is an essential part of what we do, and our mission as a centre, to offer leisure and fitness activities whatever your age, ability or experience.

We recognise that providing equal access is an ongoing process and we welcome comments and suggestions.

Essential companion

For customers with disabilities with the requirement for an essential companion, we will provide free entry for your essential companion to the swimming pool, and free carer cards are also available to accompany memberships.

General access

We have a flat reception entrance from street level at the pool/gym building, and a flat reception with lift access in the sports building.

Hearing loops are installed at both the receptions.

Swimming pool access

We have a hoist to lower customers with disabilities in and out of the water. If you require use of the pool hoist, please let reception know so we can make preparations for use while you change. The hoist is operated by our staff.

Our large pool is heated to 29 degrees to ensure the water is comfortable and warm at low mobility.

Gym access

If you are unsure whether our gym equipment will be suitable for you, we recommend coming to site and speaking with one of our instructors. All gym members are required to complete a a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) before using the gym, and complete and induction.

In some circumstances, a doctor's note or essential companion may be required. In these cases, we can provide a carer card free of charge for your essential companion to help you use our gym facilities.

Changing rooms

In the public swimming pool changing area we have two accessible multipurpose changing and shower rooms with toilets.

Both our male and female members changing rooms have accessible toilets and an adapted shower.

We also have a wet area mobile chair available for use. If you require use of this chair, please ask at reception on your way in as it may have been used in a different changing facility.


Wheelchair accessible toilets are available for pool, gym and sports facility use.

Sports facilities

Indoor sports facilities are located in the main school building. There is flat level access to reception, then lift to other levels. There are wheelchair accessible toilets.

There is a ramp up to the Astroturf facility. Please bear in mind the area to the front of the AstroTurf is uneven in places.


Customers are encouraged to inform lifeguards or leisure attendants of any medical conditions that may affect them whilst swimming or taking part in sport activities.

All gym members must complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) and disclose any pre-existing medical conditions such as epilepsy during their induction prior to using the Fitness Suite. A doctor's note may be requested.

For customers with controlled epilepsy who have not had a seizure for one year or hold a current driving licence there are no restrictions on swimming, taking part in sport or fitness suite activities.

For customers with uncontrolled epilepsy whose condition cannot be controlled by medication approval to take part in swimming, taking part in sport or fitness suite activities should be sought from their GP.

Swimming, taking part in sport or fitness suite activities should only take place when accompanied by a companion who has knowledge of their condition and who can recognise an attack.

Swimming, taking part in sport or fitness suite activities should not take place if a person with uncontrolled epilepsy feels unwell.

Swimming, taking part in sport or fitness suite activities in crowded conditions should also be avoided.

In no circumstances should people with uncontrolled epilepsy swim alone.


Parking for Blue Badge holders is available in one designated space next to the gym/pool building entrance, and two designated bays opposite the sports building entrance. There is also a signposted wheelchair drop of point opposite the sports building entrance in the eventuality all the bays are full.

The carpark and grounds are floodlit.

All parking is free of charge.