Environmental policy

Oulder Hill Leisure Complex is committed to the responsible management of energy and water.

By efficient management of these resources, the leisure centre aims to minimise expenditure and environmental impact, maintain health and safety standards, maintain an acceptable comfort level for staff, customers and other building users.

This policy statement will be implemented through an 8 point plan:


The overall responsibility lies with the Facilities Manager. Day-to-day energy management responsibilities lie with GFM Limited.

Energy selection and purchase

Energy purchase is currently undertaken by Rochdale Local Authority who negotiates with utility providers. GFM Ltd will check invoices monthly against meter readings for gas, oil, electricity and water.

Energy information

Electricity, gas and water meters will be read weekly and monthly and be closely monitored against expected usage. Abnormal consumption will be investigated and corrective action taken. Each year, realistic energy reduction targets will be set, agreed and monitored regularly. Targets will be set relative to national published benchmarks.


Energy conversion plant, distribution systems and energy using equipment will be correctly maintained to avoid energy and water wastage.


The centre will adopt a universal approach involving everyone associated with the OHLC. Regular awareness initiatives for staff and customers will emphasise the cost and environmental benefits of saving energy and water and how to avoid waste.


Energy efficiency will be taken into account in the design of new building projects and during any refurbishment. Energy efficiency will be considered in the purchase of all new equipment, for example computers and catering appliances.


An annual energy performance report will be prepared by GFM. This will be submitted to stakeholders.

Policy review mechanism

This policy will be reviewed and updated annually by GFM and included in the annual report. The review will include an evaluation of progress against targets.