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When you become a member at OHLC, you will be invited into our friendly hub with access to workouts designed by our excellent trainers, recipe ideas and our social media accounts where you can chat, ask questions or even get involved with any charity events we love to take part in.

Feel free to give feedback on your sessions and any other activities. A great way to feel part of our community and make friends along the way.

We've included some examples of the workouts and tips you'll find in our members hub below for you to access free of charge.

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You will have been sent the login details for this area via email once you have completed your induction. If you can't find the details, just ask our team.

Useful links

Full body workout

Goal: Full body resistance workout

Good for:A beginner who is looking to focus on building muscle and build up to more advanced workouts

Equipment: Barbell, dumbbell

Difficulty level: 2


8 week running plan - beginner

Goal: To build endurance and habit through running and walking intervals

Good for:Anyone looking to start running and create a healthy habit to build on. The miles will increase slowly over the weeks as will the intensity

Equipment: None

Difficulty level: 3


Functional fitness circuit

Goal: Focus on a range of upper and lower body functional exercises when short on time

Good for:The regular gym goer who is familiar with a range of exercises and is looking for a quick and effective workout to challenge the whole body in a short time

Equipment: Barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, cardio equipment, functional rig

Difficulty level: 3