Ultimate member

Do you have what it takes? Compete in our monthly gym challenges to earn points and bragging rights.

Monthly challenges

Compete in monthly challengers to earn points. Points are awarded for participation plus first, second and third places. The members with the most points at the end of the year win.


  • 1st place: 1 year membership
  • 2nd place: 6 months membership
  • 3rd place: 3 months membership
  • Challenges are posted monthly on the chalk board near the entrance to the gym. Most challenges will need an instructor or member of staff to verify before going on the monthly leader board.

    Hall of Fame


    • 1st Place: Marta Moss
    • 2nd Place: Gareth Hunt
    • 3rd Place: Grant Skelton


    • 1st Place: Ian Howarth
    • 2nd Place: Paul Doggett
    • 3rd Place: Jacqueline Brockett


    • 1st Place: Jacqueline Brockett
    • 2nd Place: Reeta Kataria
    • 3rd Place: Rebecca Johnson


    • 1st Place: Reeta Katari
    • 2nd Place: Jacqueline Collinge
    • 3rd Place: Rebecca Johnson


    • 1st Place: Janet Willis
    • 2nd Place: Waheed Akthar
    • 3rd Place: Reeta Ansari