Swimming Pool Admissions Policy

A responsible person aged at least 16 years old (or parent) must accompany all children under the age of 8 into the swimming pool area.
The responsible person must ensure they maintain a constant watch over the children for whom they are responsible.  The responsible person must take particular care of those children who are weak or non swimmers and must always follow the instructions of staff when directed.
In all cases, weak and non swimmers are restricted to the designated non swimmer areas of the pools which are the small pool and the shallow end of the large pool as indicated.  Weak and non swimmers must also wear suitable buoyancy aids.
Admission Criteria

Large Pool
        1 adult: 2 children (4-7yrs)
        1 adult: 1 child (under 4yrs)

Small Pool
        1 adult: 3 children (4-7yrs)
        1 adult: 1 child (4-7yrs) + 1 child(under 4)
        1 adult: 2 children (under 4 yrs)

Once admitted, the Adult must remain with any children at all times and will need to go into the water with them.
Definition of an Adult
An adult must be a responsible person, who is at  least 16 years of age and is able to understand the responsibility they are undertaking.  They also must be able to provide proof of age, if requested by a representative of OHLC.
OHLC reserves the right to request proof of a child’s age.
Children wearing armbands in designated non-swimmer areas
If children are non-swimmers, wearing approved armbands and they are restricted to designated non-swimmer areas, safety is enhanced and risk factors lowered.  Approved armbands are not loaned out and can only be purchased at reception.  It is encouraged that all young children who are non-swimmers wear armbands to increase their safety, although it is not mandatory to wear them.
Medical Conditions
The above regulations may need to be adjusted if any children within the stated age ranges have significant special needs or significant medial needs/conditions.

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