Functional & cable resistance

Using cables is a great progression from fixed resistance machines and takes your strength training to the next level using multi-directional movement. Most exercises require you to stand rather than sit; this helps you to develop a stronger core and balance.


Vibrosation is a gym machine that's unique. It works by transferring vibrations to selected muscles around your body, making them contract and helping them to stretch, tone and strengthen. The vibrations make the effect of your exercise much greater, so you can have a full workout in a fraction of the time. It's the low-impact way to maximise your fitness in the gym, fast.

Lateral Pulldown

The Lat pulldown is designed to work the upper back and is great for anyone aiming for the classic V taper shape.

Free weights

Free weight exercises enable muscles to contract through a fuller range of motion and also incorporate stabilizing the muscles giving an advanced muscles workout. We have a large selection of free weights and kettlebells.

Fixed resistance

Fixed weight machines focus on specific areas of your body. You can grow, tone and strengthen muscles and is great for beginners as the machine guides your movement. Resistance training also helps you to burn calories, so is a key part of your workout, whatever your goal.

Hip Adduction/Abduction

This piece of equipment is perfect to target the inner & outer thigh. With the inner thigh being a troublesome area for many people it is no surprise why this piece of equipment is one of the more popular pieces in the fitness suite.

Leg Curl

The leg curl has been the staple for many gyms over the years. This machine targets the hamstrings (back of the thigh) perfectly giving size & shape for toned legs.

Leg Extension

Opposite to the leg curl, the leg extension works the complete front part of the thigh called the quadriceps. The leg extension is an excellent exercise to develop the quads and should be part of anybody's leg routine.

Lower Back

The lower back machine is designed to work the erector spinae. This exercise should be done by everybody to give the correct development & support to your core.

Abdominal Crunch

The abdominal crunch is designed to work the abs which everybody going to the gym aims to have. Having a good set of abs is a clear definition of fitness.

Seated Row

The seated row is the perfect exercise to go alongside the Lat pulldown. The seated row is used to add thickness to the upper back and working more of the inner back muscles like the Trapezius and Lower Lats.

Seated Shoulder Press

This machine is designed to work the heads of the deltoids (shoulders), the deltoid is split up into 3 heads and this machine will primarily target the anterior & medial head. The shoulder press is a staple for shoulder mass & shape for anybody.

Verticle Chest

The vertical chest will primarily work the pectorals (chest) giving size and shape to the chest. The vertical chest is an excellent starting block for anybody who is unsure about resistance training.


Your heart is the centre of everything. With a stronger and healthier heart you are able to pump blood around your body more quickly, making it easier to get fit and stay fit! We have recently invested heavily in our cardio vascular equipment! Our machines are both easy and great fun to use. We have everything you need to give your heart and lungs a great workout!

Spin Bike with MyRide

The spin bikes and the Myride are designed for a virtual spinning class at any time of day. No need to arrive at certain times, plug in your head phones and enjoy.

Upright Stationary Bike

The Stationary bike is suited for anyone looking to replicate cycling while in the fitness suite. The stationary bike is great for cardiovascular fitness and to train endurance in the whole of the legs.


The krank cycle is perfect for anybody looking for that upper body cardiovascular workout. Seated, standing, forward & backwards. The krank cycle can be adjusted to suite every position working your core and whole upper body.

Rowing Machine

Great to increase lower body & upper body endurance while significantly working your cardiovascular system. It is possibly one the most underrated pieces of equipment in the gym.


The treadmill is designed to replicate walking or running while in the comfort of the fitness suite. The treadmill is the backbone of many fitness suites and is one the best calorie burners you can find.


The climbmill is basically walking up a constant flight of stairs. Anyone looking for an effective cardiovascular workout while toning their entire lower body will find this piece of equipment amazing.


The stepper provides the user with a workout which simulates climbing flights of stairs. The stepper is great for anybody looking to tone up their legs and bum along with cardiovascular fitness.

Cross Trainer

The cross trainer is a great machine for everybody looking to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. The elliptical is often used by many users for HIIT training.

Ascent Trainer

The ascent trainer has the added function of a glutes workout for anyone really looking to tone their behind

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